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Ace Plumbing Service is only a franchise and is NOT accountable for the representation of any of its phone numbers or Ace Plumbing Providers franchise owners. Every plumber is its own identity and is a representation of their own business. So basically Ace Plumbing Service is like a Yelp or agencies list or like a search engine for licensed screened plumbers that have purchase the franchise system. Any problems that may arise from work performed is entirely between the plumber and customer and not Ace Plumbing Service.
2. It is up to the client to verify each Ace Plumbing Service Provider independent technician. All and any contact numbers of any plumbers provided by the website are independent of Ace Plumbing Service website and its owners and or affiliates.

Although Ace Plumbing Service have taken all the necessary steps to be sure that the information made available in this site is accurate and current, there are no warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, totality or rightness of such information. All information is provided "as is" without any representation, warranty or condition as to its accuracy or reliability.

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